The Application of Barrier-Based Learning (BBL) Method in Histology Learning from China

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Libin Liao; Xueping Yao; Tian Li; Wen Qin; Xiaotong Meng; Jufang Huang & Shengbin Bai


Histology belongs to the discipline of medical morphology. The knowledge is scattered and abstract in this disci- pline. It is difficult to the medical students beginner. Leading to poor effect on histology teaching. This study aimed to introduce medical students to the histology using barrier-based learning (BBL) method or traditional teaching method. We recruited 4 clinical medical classes, including two 5-years classes and two 7-years clinical medical classes, each of these classes randomly assigned to 1 of 2 groups. The control group received an introductory traditional teaching mode in histology. The experiment group received BBL method. Using final exam average scores, pass rate, excellent rates and phase tests to evaluate the teaching effect of these two teaching method. BBL teaching method is more effective than traditional teaching method, The application of BBL in histology is more easier to learning for the beginners of medical students.

KEY WORDS : Medical education; Histology; Barrier-based learning; Teaching method.

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LIAO, L.; YAO, X.; LI, T.; QIN, W.; MENG, X.; HUANG, H. & BAI, S. The application of barrier-based learning (BBL) method in histology learning from China. Int. J. Morphol., 37(4):1469-1474, 2019.