Sperm Morphophysiology in Different Sections of the Rooster Reproductive Tract

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Jorge A. González-Santos; Alejandro Ávalos-Rodríguez; José A. Martínez-García; Ana M. Rosales-Torres & José A. Herrera-Barragán


It is important to know the morphological changes that occur in the spermatozoa of rooster during their passage through the reproductive tract, which help to understand what they acquire their fertilization capacity. The morphophysiological changes related to the capacitation and acrosomal reaction processes in the different segments of the rooster reproductive system were analyzed. Samples were obtained from various regions of the rooster reproductive tract and dorso-ventral massage to obtain ejaculates, 25 roosters were used Rhode Island Red with proven fertility, assessments were performed with chlortetracycline and Lectin WGA-FITC to determine the morphophysiological parameters. Sperm motility increases (p<0.05) during the passage of spermatozoa from the testis until they are ejaculated. The parameters of viability and morphology also show differences (p<0.05) in the different segments of the tract. Sperm morphometry shows a spermatic contraction (p<0.05) in the cranial and medial segments of the vas deferens. The acrosomal reaction capacity evaluated with chlortetracycline (CTC) or Wheat germ agglutinin (WGA), was evident increasing the parameters (p<0.05) with the use of the perivitelline layer in the spermatozoa of the reproductive tract and of the ejaculate. Spermatozoa of the reproductive tract of the rooster demonstrate acrosomal reaction capacity without requiring a previous sperm capacitation condition. On the other hand, they do not show parameters of incapacity, which implies that they cannot be stored in any segment of the reproductive tract.

KEY WORDS: Acrosome; Carbohydrates; Membrane; Vas deferens.

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GONZÁLEZ-SANTOS, J. A.; ÁVALOS-RODRÍGUEZ, A.; MARTÍNEZ-GARCÍA, J. A.; ROSALES-TORRES, A. M. & HERRERA-BARRAGÁN, J. A. Sperm morphophysiology in different sections of the rooster reproductive tract. Int J. Morphol., 37(3):861-866, 2019.