Prevalence of Distal Medial Striatal Artery in a Sample of Colombian and Peruvian Populations

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Karen D. Sanabria-Pinilla; Yobany Quijano-Blanco & Vladimir A. Huayta-Alarcón


The distal medial striate artery is part of the brain circulation, born from the anterior cerebral artery generally at the level of the anterior communicating artery, although according to different studies its origin varies, being thus difficult to determine with accuracy. Its clinical importance lies in the prevalence of aneurysms found in this artery, which could later cause complications due to the region they irrigate, these being the somatic-vital and neuropsychological sequelae, in addition to its inadequate surgical approach without foreseeing the alterations that may be caused; Because of the above it is of vital importance that health professionals have prior knowledge of the anatomy and prevalence of this artery in the population. An observational descriptive study was carried out in which the distal medial striated artery in 70 brain cells, pieces from the Medicine amphitheatres of the Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas y Ambientales U.D.C.A. (Bogotá), the Universidad Científica del Sur UCSUR (Lima); fixed in 10 % formalin, morphometric measurements were made by automatic calibrator and the photographic record was taken with a Canon camera. Subsequently, the statistical analysis was executed through the IBM SPSS Statistics program 24. A prevalence of 88.6 % of at least one distal medial striate artery was found in the Colombian population and 97.1 % of the Peruvian population. An average external diameter of 0.64 mm was identified in the Colombian population and 0.68 mm in the Peruvian population. An average length of 2.5 cm was observed in both populations. The largest place of origin was evidenced in the A2 portion of the ACA with 37.1 % of the Colombian population and 51.4 % of the Peruvian population. The anatomy and the corresponding anatomical variations of this artery must be adequately known to be able to perform an adequate neurological and neurosurgical approach.

KEY WORDS: Cerebral arteries; Regional anatomy; Neuroanatomy; Neurosurgery.

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SANABRIA-PINILLA, K. D.; QUIJANO-BLANCO, Y.& HUAYTA-ALARCÓN, V. A. Prevalence of distal medial striatal artery in a sample of Colombian and Peruvian populations. Int. J. Morphol., 37(3):997-1002, 2019.