Analysis of the Teaching Effect of the Normal Human Morphology with Mixed Teaching Mode and Formative Evaluation in China

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Liao Libin; Meng Xiaotong; Chen Wujin; Li Tian; Qin Wen & Bai Shengbin


With the accumulation of teaching experience and the summary of the teaching process in the teaching of medical colleges and universities, the course "Normal Human Morphology" has been basically on the right track in undergraduate education. However, most of the colleges and universities in China still use the traditional teaching mode, and the evaluation of students' learning effects and teacher teaching still follows the method of final evaluation. This method is not conducive to students' timely understanding of self-stage learning effects. It will affect the teacher's adjustment (or solution) to the specific links (or problems) that appear in the teaching process. The establishment of the mixed teaching model and formative evaluation system can solve the problems of the two to some extent.

KEY WORDS: Normal Human Morphology; Mixed teaching mode; Formative evaluation.

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LIAO, L.; MENG, X.; CHEN, W.; LI, T.; QIN, W. & BAI, S. Analysis of the teaching effect of the Normal Human Morphology with mixedteaching mode and formative evaluation in China. Int. J. Morphol., 37(3):1085-1088, 2019.