Adductor Minimus Muscle in Brazilian Individuals

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Luiz Carlos Buarque De Gusmão; Jacqueline Silva Brito Lima; Marcos Sergio De Lima Santos; Ralmony De Alcantara Santos & Camila Carvalho Cavalcante



Among the muscle group that performs the adduction of the hip joint, there is the adductor magnus muscle which upper portion of the adductor part may constitute the adductor minimus muscle. In the literature there are few quotes on this muscle, besides the presence of conflicting data among several authors. Thus, the objective of this study was to analyze the adductor minimus muscle in respect to: its proximal and distal insertions, the provisions of its muscle fibers and establish the incidence of it. Fifty lower limbs isolated from adult cadavers of both sexes were dissected. The results showed that the muscle was visualized in sixteen cases (32%), with proximal insertion predominant in ischiopubic ramus (37.5%), and distal insertion in the linea aspera of the femur (100%). The muscle fibers were arranged obliquely in fourteen cases (87.5%) and in only 2 cases (12.5%) the fibers were arranged transversely. Therefore, this study will serve as a foundation for new scientific work on the adductor minimus muscle, in order to classify it as an isolated muscle.

KEY WORDS: Lower limb; Thigh; Anatomy.

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GUSMÃO, L. C. B.; BRITO LIMA, J. S.; LIMA SANTOS, M. S.; SANTOS, R. A. & CAVALCANTE, C. C. Músculo aductor mínimo en individuos brasileños. Int. J. Morphol., 32(2):440-443, 2014.