A PainfulSymphony: The Presence of Overuse Syndrome in Professional Classical Musicians

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Dusica L. Maric; Marko Stojic; Dusan M. Maric; Sonja Susnjevic; Dragana Radosevic & Nikola Knezi


Musculoskeletal problems are common in instrumental musicians. Little is known about the factors that place musicians at risk, and the ways in which musicians can prevent these problems. Overuse syndrome is the most reported diagnosis among instrumental musicians suffering from playing related musculoskeletal injuries. The study group comprised 50 musicians employed in Symphony Orchestra of the Serbian National Theatre of Novi Sad. Out of the 50 musicians, 30 (60 %) are male and 20 (40 %) female. Higher frequencies of the presence of musculoskeletal symptoms were neck, region of trapezius, back, shoulder, wrist, hand and arm. A larger number of musicians (81.8 %) had perception of high demand of the profession. This investigation with professional classical musicians should show the music-medical interest.

KEY WORDS: Musicians; Overuse syndrome; Playing related musculoskeletal injuries; Back.

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MARIC, D. L.; STOJIC, M.; MARIC, D. M.; SUSNJEVIC, S.; RADOSEVIC, D. & KNEZI, N. A painful symphony: The presence of overuse syndrome in professional classical musicians. Int. J. Morphol., 37(3):1118-1122, 2019.