Teaching of Anatomy. Use of Media in the Classroom

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Julio L. Cárdenas Valenzuela


There is little information about the use of media in the teaching of modern anatomy in its early years. This is perhaps explained because academics and students were more concerned with the content than with the media used for morphological teaching, obviously. Its use however is very important, because it modifies the way of teaching and building even the enclosures where teaching is taught, those that go from being places with a lot of natural light, to being rather dark closed enclosures and endowed with equipment with devices projectors of light at present. The present work therefore, intends to remind the new generations of methods used in the past, the beginning of the audiovisual techniques in the decade of the 30s and the recent use of ICTs and show its development along with the technological changes in the anatomical teaching to this day, through general knowledge, evidence and graphic documents.

KEY WORDS: Teaching anatomy; History anatomy; Audio visual media.

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CÁRDENAS, V. J. L. Teaching of anatomy. Use of media in the classroom. Int. J. Morphol., 37(3):1123-1129, 2019.