Anatomy of the Liver (A05.8.01.001). Worldwide Review, 2019. New Findings, Concepts and Definitions Support a Division of the Liver into Seven Portal Segments

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César Augusto Durand López


Due to a lack of consensus on the description of the human liver anatomy, we decided to explore different researches worldwide. Studies are focused on the hepatic vascularization. The results obtained through serial dissections in embryos, fetuses and adults have contributed to new definitions. Researchers around the world have agreed on finding the bases to propose a liver segmentation with seven portal segments.

KEY WORDS: Liver anatomy; Seven portal segments.

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DURAND, L. C. A. Anatomy of the liver (A05.8.01.001). Worldwide Review, 2019. New findings, concepts and definitions support a division of the liver into seven portal segments. Int. J. Morphol., 37(3):1179-1186, 2019.