Communicating Branches Between the Median and Ulnar Nerves. Proposal for Inclusion in Terminologia Anatomica

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Riveros, A.; Olave, E.; Nicholson, C.; Schorwer, K. & Torres, H.


The ulnar and median nerves are widely distributed, innervating the muscles of the forearm and hand. In the latter, it also registers the sensitivity of a significant part of the skin. A series of communicating branches (CB) is described on the path of these nerves, including: 1) the Martin-Gruber communicating branch, 2) the Marinacci communicating branch, 3) the Riché-Cannieu communicating branch and 4) the Berrettini communicating branch. The aim of this study was to establish a correct denomination of these CB, using Latin and eliminating the use of eponyms. The exploratory study included books on anatomy and scientific articles that detailed the anatomical aspects of these CB. To these were added the terms that these branches presented in the various anatomical lists and terminologies. Each term proposal was done in Latin, using the corresponding gender, number and case. The CB between the median and ulnar nerves are described in anatomy texts as well as a plethora of publications. The prevalence rates of the CB range between 1.7 and 94 %; however, their inclusion in the anatomical terminologies has been limited. Based on the description of these branches and the presence of some of them in the existing terminologies, a proposal was prepared in line with the indications of the Federative International Programme on Anatomical Terminologies (FIPAT): 1) Ramus comunicans cum nervo ulnari, 2) Ramus comunicans cum nervo mediano, 3) Ramus communicans cum ramo profundo nervi ulnaris y 4) Ramus communicans cum nervo digitali palmari communi. Considering that terminologies are dynamic linguistic corpora, it is important to analyze constantly the incorporation of new terms that are in harmony with the scientific findings. The incorporation of new structures must follow FIPAT guidelines and include the grammatical aspects of Latin.

KEY WORDS: Communicating branch; Martin-Gruber; Marinacci, Riché-Cannieu; Berretini, Terminologia anatomica.

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RIVEROS, A.; OLAVE, E.; NICHOLSON, C.; SCHORWER, K. & TORRES, H. Communicating branches between the median and ulnar nerves proposal for inclusion in Terminologia Anatomica. Int. J. Morphol., 37(3):1192-1196, 2019.