Evaluation of the Inflammatory Response in Wistar Rats to TheraCalTM LC Implanted Subcutaneously

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Paulina Alejandra Flores de los Rios; Francela Valeria Borja Hernández; Velia Muñoz Alanis; Adolfo Soto Domínguez; Claudia Alicia Meléndez Wong; Rubén García Garza; Joel Jiménez Villarreal; Nadia Denys Betancourt Martínez; Daniel Almaraz Célis & Javier Morán Martínez


TheraCalTM LC is a resin-modified calcium silicate (Ca) resin (SMCR) that has proven to be an ideal material for dentin-pulp treatment due to its high rate of calcium formation. Biomaterials due to their Ca content tend to have an increase in their bioavailability, stimulating the formation of the dental bridge through the cells involved in the formation of mineralized tissues, promoting the differentiation of fibroblasts in odontoblasts and increasing the activity of the pyrophosphate enzyme responsible in dentin mineralization. The present study aimed to evaluate the inflammatory response to TheracalTM LC subcutaneously in Wistar rats. Six Wistar strain rats were used in which four subcutaneous surgical pockets were made. Each of these pockets was determined as a different quadrant, containing the following implants: 1 TheracalTM LC in polyethylene tube, 2 polyethylene tubes, 3 TheracalTM LC direct and 4 as control. The histological samples were processed, and different cell types were evaluated by light microscopy at 100X using the H&E and AT pH 2.3 stains. The results showed that there are significant differences in all cell types observed during the different exposure times. The differences in the cell types observed could be due to the exposure time to TheracalTM LC, to the polyethylene tube and to both. The evaluated tissue of the polyethylene tube implant and the polyethylene tube with TheracalTM LC present a greater inflammatory response, unlike in the tissue implanted with TheracalTM LC directly.

KEY WORDS: Inflammatory response; Wistar rats; Calcium.

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FLORES DE LOS RIOS, P. A.; BORJA, H. F. V.; MUÑOZ, A. V.; SOTO, D. A.; MELÉNDEZ, W. C. A.; GARCÍA, G. R.; JIMÉNEZ, V. J.; BETANCOURT, M. N. D.; ALMARAZ, C. D. & MORÁN, M. J. Evaluation of the inflammatory response in Wistar rats to TheraCalTM LC implanted subcutaneously. Int. J. Morphol., 37(2):685-689, 2019.