The Incidence of Sinus Crista Galli in Children and Adults. A Computerized Tomography Study

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Ayfer Metin Tellioglu & Yasemin Polat


The pneumatization area in the crista galli region of the ethmoid bone can be called Sinus Crista Galli (SCG). The authors would like to recommend the terminology as sinus crista galli for pneumatized crista galli. Our aims in this study are to determine SCG on three dimensional Computerized Tomography (CT) images, to investigate its frequency, dimension and to emphasize their clinical significance in children and adults. A total of 360 adult images (160 female, 200 male) and 68(43 female, 25 male) pediatric images were examined. The presence SCG was recorded with axial and coronal paranasal sinus CT images. The height, width, anteroposterior diameter of the sinus was measured. All the data we obtained from this study were analyzed using the SPSS 18.0 program. Descriptive statistics are shown as mean ± Sdt. Sinus crista galli was found in 17 examined images of the 360 (4.72 %) in adult group. Chronic pansinusitis was detected in 7 of 17 cases. Frontal sinusitis findings were detected in 7 cases. Sinusitis was not observed in 3 cases. The incidence of SCG was found in 4 pediatric images out of 68 (5.88 %). In 1 out of 4 cases, infection was detected in SCG. We did not observe SCG in the pediatric group with 0-7 years of age. Sinus crista galli was found at low rates in adult and pediatric age group. However; relationship was found between these variation and chronic rhinosinusitis. Additionally, detection of SCG in paranasal sinus CT can be provided better results and reduce complications in anterior cranial fossa surgery.

KEY WORDS: Sinus crista galli; Anatomy; Computed tomography.

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METIN, T. A. & POLAT, Y. The incidence of sinus crista galli in children and adults. A computerized tomography study. Int. J. Morphol., 37(2):735-738, 2019.