Third Head of Biceps Brachii Muscle, Associated with Musculocutaneous and Median Nerve Bilateral Communication and with a Communicating Branch Between Median Nerve Roots

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Aladino Cerda


Both biceps brachii muscle anatomical variations and the presence of communicating branches between the musculocutaneous nerve and the median nerve are common, and have clinical significance due to their connections and vulnerability. A case found during a routine dissection of the upper limb of a male cadaver is described, in which unilateral presence of a third head of the biceps brachii muscle coexists associated to a bilateral communication of the musculocutaneous nerve with the median nerve, and a unilateral communicating branch between the roots of median nerve. The morphological features and the prevalence of the case are presented, besides the discussion of its clinical significance.

KEY WORDS: Biceps brachii; Musculocutaneous nerve; Median nerve; Brachial plexus; Anatomical variations.


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CERDA, A. Third head of biceps brachii muscle, associated with musculocutaneous and median nerve bilateral communication and with a communicating branch between median nerve roots. Int. J. Morphol., 32(2):510-514, 2014.