A Limit for Antler Length in Captive Marals

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Korzhikenova, N.; Sambetbaev, A.; Iglikov, O. & Parés-Casanova, P. M.


The main aim of this study was to estimate phenotypic correlations among live weight, withers height, rump height, chest depth, chest width, thoracic girth, body length, hip widths (between iliac tuberosities and between ischial tuberosities) and forelimb cannon perimeter with antler length measured during the growth of marals on a Kazakh farm. The data comprised 18 animals studied during their growth (at 18 months and at 24 months). In maral, the first period of antler productivity takes place at the age of 24 months. This fact should be taken into account in order to select the best animals for antler production, which is the main purpose for farming this species.

KEY WORDS: Phenotypic correlation; Maral; Morphological traits.

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KORZHIKENOVA, N.; SAMBETBAEV, A.; IGLIKOV, O. & PARÉS-CASANOVA, P. M. A limit for antler length in captive marals. Int. J. Morphol., 32(2):568-570, 2014.