Some eponyms and toponyms as terminological coincidences?

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Jorge Eduardo Duque Parra; John Barco Ríos & Alejandro Restrepo Bustamante


Eponyms and toponyms have been used in anatomy for centuries, to name many body structures, but interestingly some of these names also appear in the non-morphological literature, so it is being considered if they are only terminological coincidences. The etymological origin of the terms cephalus, thorax, ilium, meninx, nerves and pedius, which appear in the non-morphological literature of before our era, was analyzed and compared with the meaning given in anatomical terminology. Some terms used in anatomy apparently are not considered as eponyms or place names, however, several historical figures and certain geographic locations coincidentally bear those same names. Therefore, the possibility arises that such terms have gone unnoticed and that they are really part of the morphological eponyms and toponyms. Therefore, the terms cephalo,thorax, ilium, meninge, nerves and pedius are eponyms and little-known toponyms, although it is possible that they are simple terminological coincidences.

KEY WORDS: Eponym; Toponym; Anatomical terminology.

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DUQUE, P. J. E.; BARCO, R. J. & RESTREPO, B. A. Some eponyms and toponyms as terminological coincidences? Int. J. Morphol., 36(3):1028-1030, 2018.