Systemic Supplement with Resveratrol Increased Bone Formation in Rats’ Alveolar Socket

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Dariush Hasheminia; Sayed Mohammad RazavI; Hamed Nazari; Saber Khazaei; Pardis Soleimanzadeh & Hesamedin Nazari


Resveratrol in cell culture media increases osteoblastic markers. Also results from previous studies provide evidence for resveratrol positive effects on bone healing and bone production. In this preclinical study we investigated bone healing in rats by resveratrol systemic application. 30 Wistar male rats were divided into two groups (study group and control group). At first, maxillary second molars of rats were extracted. The rats were kept in laboratory for next 28 days. Study group received resveratrol 20 mg/kg by abdominal injection every day. The control group received placebo in the same manner that study group. Rats were sacrificed after 28 days and bone samples were collected from center of maxillary second molar socket. Samples were evaluated histologically for new bone formation, inflammation, necrosis, fibrosis and foreign body reaction. The mean difference of new bone formation in control group (28.30 %) and study group (45 %) were statistically significant (P=0.014). There were no significant differences in inflammation, fibrosis, necrosis and foreign body reaction (P>0.05). Resveratrol has positive effects on bone healing but more evidence needed from more clinical and animal studies.

KEY WORDS: Resveratrol; Alveolar ridge augmentation; Bone formation; Osteoblast; Osteoclast.

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HASHEMINIA, D.; RAZAVI, S. M.; NAZARI, H.; KHAZAEI, S.; SOLEIMANZADEH, P. & NAZARI, H. Systemic supplement with resveratrol increased bone formation in rats’ alveolar socket. Int. J. Morphol., 36(2):391-394, 2018.