Let’s Kahoot! Anatomy

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Nafiye Çigdem Aktekin; Hatice Çelebi & Mustafa Aktekin


Anatomy education in medical schools has always been considered demanding, as students need to learn and remember vast amount of information about the human body. Since ongoing technological innovation, is changing how humans interact with information, integrating the web in anatomy education can provide students a way to revise what they have learned in an interactive and competitive means. There has been research on the use of game-based response systems to engage learners during lectures; however, a significant gap exists in demonstrating the value of game-based learning to motivate medical students learning anatomy. This study aims at revealing the effects of using mobile phones and a game-based classroom response system as a closure activity to foster anatomy learning. To that end, 45 medical school students were given a Kahoot! quiz at the end of each anatomy lecture during two semesters. Higher attendance and participation and more focused and engaged students in class have been the observed benefits of the application. The findings suggest that game-based response systems can be used in core subjects like anatomy education as a closure activity.

KEY WORDS: Mobile learning; Anatomy education; Game-based classroom response systems; Closure activities.

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AKTEKIN, N. C.; ÇELEBI, H. & AKTEKIN, M. Let’s Kahoot! Anatomy. Int. J. Morphol., 36(2):716-721, 2018.