Radiological Management of the Exiting Points of Supraorbital Region Neurovascular Bundles

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Mesut Sabri Tezer; Özlem Elvan; Ismail Yagmurhan Gilan; Merve Türkegün; Kaan Esen & Anıl Özgür


A preoperative computed tomography scan is useful to determine neurovascular exit points from orbit to supraorbital region. Determining the structure of exiting points (absence or presence, if present, being in form of foramen or notch) is important to plan the surgical approach. The aim of the study was to provide the radiological data by multi-detector computed tomography for estimating exiting points of the neurovascular bundles of the supraorbital region whether through foramen or notch in living subjects related to side (right/left), sex and age. Computed tomography examinations of 214 (102 male and 112 female) adult patients, aged average 44.2 ± 14 years, were evaluated, retrospectively. Presence or absence, number and nature (foramen/notch) of exiting points of neurovascular bundles were noted in each side regarding sex and age groups. The distance of foramen/notch to the midline of the face was recorded. Single notch was seen on the right in 123 and in 134 on the left, single foramen was seen in 62 on the right and in 56 on the left side and double foramen was seen in 13 on the right and in 6 on the left. The absence was seen in 16 on the right and 18 on the left side. No significant difference was seen on frequency compared between the sexes and age groups. Foramen was seen in 58 sides unilaterally and in 39 sides bilaterally. Notch was unilateral in 75 sides and bilateral in 95 sides. It was shown that males had a wider distance between right side foramen and left side notch to midline. Age groups did not show a significant difference in terms of side. Absence and foramen presence made up about 30-40 % of cases. Notch was the most common form. Foramen/notch presence was statistically unaffected by the sex and age factors. In terms of surgery, preoperative assessment of orbital exit points with computed tomography is essential.

KEY WORDS: Supraorbital region; Foramen; Notch; Computed tomography; Neurovascular bundle.

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TEZER, M. S.; ELVAN, Ö.; GILAN, I. Y.; TÜRKEGÜN, M.; ESEN, K. & ÖZGÜR, A. Radiological management of the exiting points of supraorbital region neurovascular bundles. Int. J. Morphol., 35(4):1391-1395, 2017.