The Tibial Nerve and Its Vasculature: An Anatomical Evaluation

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Wagih G. Elbarrany & Faris M. Altaf


The study has contributed to evaluate the tibial nerve and its vasculature anatomically. Ten preserved cadavers (5 male, 5 female) have been used for this study. Each cadaver was injected with red latex and through incisions the tibial nerve was exposed at the level of bifurcation of sciatic nerve. The tibial nerve in 85 % cadavers was located between middle and lower thirds at upper angle of popliteal fossa; whereas, in 15 % cadavers it was present below the piriformis muscle in gluteal region. The total length of the tibial nerve was at a mean of 65.26±14.42 cm in males and 64.79±67.61 cm in females, without significantly different. Its total diameter was at a mean of 5.51±1.55 mm, with a mean of 4.11±0.88 mm at the popliteal fossa and a mean of 3.24±0.81mm at its termination deep to the flexor retinaculum in male cadavers. In female; the means were 5.11±0.21 mm, 3.97±1.78 mm and 3.14 ± 0.03 mm respectively without significance difference. It was concluded that tibial nerve has sufficient and good blood supply. Moreover, it can be utilized as allogeneic vascularized nerve graft to repair sizable nerves after limb salvage.

KEY WORDS: Tibia; Fibular artery; Posterior tibial artery; Vascularized nerve grafts.

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ELBARRANY, W. G. & ALTAF, F. M. The tibial nerve and its vasculature: An anatomical evaluation. Int. J. Morphol., 35(3):812-819, 2017.