Integrated Comics and Visible Korean Movies for Laypeople’s Learning of Systemic Anatomy

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Beom Sun Chung; Jisoo Kim & Min Suk Chung


The aim of this research was to help the general population learn basic anatomy by providing easy and intriguing comics and Visible Korean movies. Eight significant systems (skeletal, muscular, digestive, respiratory, urinary, genital, cardiovascular, and nervous systems) were explained by the anatomy learning comics. The learning comics were accompanied by humorous comic strips that introduce various episodes about anatomy. The individual systems were also elucidated by videos of surface models and sectioned images that were made from the cadavers. These videos also include annotations and commentaries aiding anatomy comprehension like the documentary films. For users to conveniently access the wanted contents, software with a simple menu was developed. This free software is operable directly on the homepage (; otherwise, the software is downloadable from the same site to be run off- line. The combined use of multimedia contents will hopefully promote the general population’s interest in and knowledge of anatomy.

KEY WORDS: Anatomy education; Cartoons; Movies; Visible Human Projects; Software.

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CHUNG, B. S. ; KIM, J. & CHUNG, M. S. Integrated comics and visible Korean movies for laypeople’s learning of systemic anatomy. Int. J. Morphol., 35(3):883-887, 2017.