History of anatomy in Chile, the beginnings

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Julio Luis Cárdenas Valenzuela


Reviewing the universal development of anatomy to provide a general context, the present work seeks to gather the historical events of the beginnings of anatomical studies in Chile and their description according to the different periods of history, from Prehispanic Chile to the mid-period of The Conservative Republic, evidencing the difficult beginnings, the scarce elements that characterized it and the initial informality to later move on to an established institutionality along with the country’s independence. Therefore, it is possible to note that the discipline has been influenced not only at a scientific level, and by the development of new technologies, but also internal and external political events that influenced the development of this discipline over the years. The present description therefore comprises the first five periods of our history and beginnings of the sixth as a nation, from the description of some anatomical knowledge of the native peoples present in the region before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors during the Period of the Conquest and ending with the description of the beginnings of the institutional teaching of Anatomy at the National Institute, indicating transcendental events of our history as a discipline, prior to the birth of the teaching of anatomy at the Universidad de Chile, the first University to teach anatomy in our country.

KEY WORDS: History; Anatomy; Teaching anatomy.

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CÁRDENAS, V. J. L. History of anatomy in Chile, the beginnings. Int. J. Morphol., 35(2):958-969, 2017.