Osteology of the thoracic limb of South American Gray Brocket Mazama gouazoubira (Fischer, 1814) (Cetartiodactyla: Cervidae)

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Paulo Souza Junior; Mayra Galhardo Ferreira Ribeiro; Liliana Jost Dutra; Karine de Mattos; Natan da Cruz de Carvalho; Marcelo Abidu-Figueiredo & André Luiz Quagliatto Santos


This study aimed to describe anatomical features of the forelimb skeleton of Mazama gouazoubira in order to establish morphofunctional activity. Forelimbs of four young adult specimens were used to this end. The bones were prepared by boiling and cleared in a solution of hydrogen peroxide for comparative descriptions, osteometrics measurements and digital radiographs. Compared to domestic ruminants, the scapula proved to be wide and flat, with a small acromion, reduced coracoid process and lacking of spine tuberosity. The humerus had an elongated shaft with a rounded cross-section and discrete non-articular projections. The ulna accompanied the radio to the distal epiphysis and formed a long and narrow, proximally placed interosseous space without a vascular groove. The skeleton of the hand presented the rudimentary metacarpals II and V and the well- developed III and IV fused metacarpals, which is a typical telemetacarpal arrangement of close phylogenetically deer species from the New World. There were four fingers, each one with three phalanges; two main (III and IV) touching the ground and two rudimentary (II and V). Radiographs allowed visualizing patterns of normal trabecular tensions and osteometrics enabled to establish ratios for comparative purposes. Adaptations of skeletal forelimb to favor cursorial saltatory locomotion were typically identified.

KEY WORDS: Animal anatomy; Cervids; Osteometrics; Telemetacarpals; Wild animals.

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SOUZA JUNIOR, P.; RIBEIRO, M. G. F.; DUTRA, L. J.; MATTOS, K.; CARVALHO, N. C.; ABIDU-FIGUEIREDO, M. & SANTOS, A. L. Q. Osteology of the thoracic limb of South American Gray Brocket Mazama gouazoubira (Fischer, 1814) (Cetartiodactyla: Cervidae). Int. J. Morphol., 35(3) :1000-1009, 2017.