Protective Effects of Ganoderma lucidum on the Changes Made in the Retinal Damage Induced by Traumatic Head Injury

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Özevren Hüseyin & Deveci Engin


Head trauma affects the optic nerve visual function and visual acuity. As a result of head trauma occurring in the retina of the various biochemical, histological and immunohistochemical effects were investigated. The protective effect of Gano- derma lucidum was evaluated on the damage to the retina of the rats. Sprague–Dawley rats were subjected to traumatic brain injury with a weight-drop device using 300 g-1 m weight–height impact. Thirty rats were divided into three groups as group 1 control, 2 group trauma, 3 group trauma+Gonoderma lucidum (20 mL/kg per day via gastric gavage) Ganoderma lucidum was administered for 7 days after trauma.All rats were decapitated 5 days after the induction of trauma, and the protective effects of Ganoderma lucidum in retina were evaluated by histological, immunohistochemical and biochemical analyses. The antioxidant effect of Ganoderma lucidum on the cellular degeneration extracellular matrix and retinal barrier in retina after head trauma was investigated.

KEY WORDS: Head trauma; Retina; Ganoderma lucidum; Rat.

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ÖZEVREN, H. & DEVECI, E. Protective effects of Ganoderma lucidum on the changes made in the retinal damage induced by traumatic head injury. Int. J. Morphol., 35(3):1063-1068, 2017.