Effect of 2 % Chlorhexidine on Dentin Shear Bond Strength of Different Adhesive Systems: A 6 Months Evaluation

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Cristián Bravo; Camila S. Sampaio; Ronaldo Hirata; Regina M. Puppin-Rontani; Juan Ricardo Mayoral & Lluis Giner


This study evaluated the effect of chlorhexidine dentin treatment on shear bond strength (SBS) of adhesive systems after different storages. The work included 144 third molars that had their dentin exposed and were divided in 6 groups: G1 (ASB+CHX: Adper Scotchbond 1XT + chlorhexidine 2 % prior Primer); G2(ASB); G3 (APP+CHX: Adper Prompt L-Pop + CHX); G4(APP); G5 (SBU+CHX: Single Bond Universal + CHX); and G6(SBU). Resin build-up was performed and teeth were subdivided regarding storage times (n=8): 72 h, 3 and 6 months. Next, SBS test was performed. At 72 hours, all equivalent groups (same adhesive system, different dentin treatment) showed no significant difference in SBS (P≥.05). Self-etch adhesive groups (with or without CHX) presented lower SBS compared to other systems (P≤.05). After 3 and 6 months, all CHX-treated groups presented significantly higher SBS compared to equivalent non-treated groups (P≤.05). For both storage times, Single Bond Universal presented the highest SBS values within the same dentin treatment (P≤.05), while Adper Scotchbond and Adper Prompt-L-Pop were not significantly different among them, also within the same dentin treatments [3 months (with CHX: P=.966; without: P=.958) and 6 months (with CHX: P =.887; without: P=.990)]. CHX Dentin disinfection is indicated for all classes of adhesives studied.

KEY WORDS: Shear bond strength; Dentin bond strength; Chlorhexidine; Adhesive systems; Adhesion.

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BRAVO, C.; SAMPAIO, C. S.; HIRATA, R.; PUPPIN-RONTANI, R. M. ; MAYORAL, J. R. & GINER, LL. Effect of 2 % chlorhexidine on dentin shear bond strength of different adhesive systems: A 6 months evaluation. Int. J. Morphol., 35(3):1140-1146, 2017.