Early and Late Outcomes of Surgery of Non-Complicated Liver Hydatid

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Carlos Manterola; Tamara Otzen & MINCIR group


Hepatic echinococcosis (HE) is a prevalent health problem, and there is limited published information regarding HE surgery. On the other hand, postoperative morbidity (POM) has not varied significantly. The aim of this study was to describe early and late outcomes in terms of POM of a series of patients with non-complicated liver hydatid cysts (NLHC) treated surgically. Prospective cohort. We included patients undergoing surgery for NLHC in the Hospital Regional and Clínica in Temuco, between 2000 and 2015. The main outcome variable was the development of early and late POM. Other variables of interest were hospital stay, mortality and recurrence. Surgical techniques used were total or subtotal pericystectomy and liver resection. Percentages, measures of central tendency and dispersion, and incidence were calculated. We studied 136 patients with a median age of 41 years and 60.3 % female The median ultrasound diameter of the cysts was 15.0 cm. The median surgical time was 95 minutes. The incidence of POM was 9.6 %, 92.3 % of whose cases were Grade I or II Dindo & Clavien. The aetiology was 5.9 % and 3.7 % medical complications of surgical complications. There was no mortality and with a median follow up of 115 months, recurrence was observed in one patient, representing an incidence of 0.7 %. POM was determined in a cohort of patients with NLHC throughout an extended follow-up period, and the incidence and gravity of POM is smaller and of lower gravity than those previously published.

KEY WORDS: "Echinococcosis, Hepatic"[Mesh], Hepatic Hydatid Cyst, "Echinococcosis, Hepatic/surgery"[Mesh], "Treatment Outcome"[Mesh], "Postoperative Complications"[Mesh].

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MANTEROLA, C.; OTZEN, T. & MINCIR group. Early and late outcomes of surgery of non-complicated liver hydatid cysts. Int. J. Morphol., 35(2):556-563, 2017.