The Origins of the Society of Normal and Pathological Anatomy of Chile

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Alberto Rodríguez Torres & Julio Cárdenas Valenzuela


From the beginnings, anatomists and pathologists are united in the year 1938 creating the Society of Normal and Pathological Anatomy Chilean in order to stimulate their investigations, seek to relate early with morphologists of the rest of America and to promote their publications in the Chilean Archives of Morphology. This is how Chilean morphologists participate for the first time in national and international congresses and conferences from the main universities in the country. Perhaps the work in common with the corpses was a fundamental point in its beginnings, more, the advance of the knowledge in each of these disciplines and later political differences would be two facts that would explain that they separated later in the year 1970. It would be therefore The first effort to gather around a Society of morphologists in Chile, would be the basis for the future Chilean Society of Anatomy.

KEY WORDS: Society of Normal and Pathologic Anatomy of Chile; History.

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RODRÍGUEZ, T. A. & CÁRDENAS, V. J. The origins of the society of normal and pathological anatomy of Chile. Int. J. Morphol., 35(2):751-755, 2017.