Gonadal Development of Peprilus medius (Peters, 1869) (Perciformes: Stromateidae) from Southeast of the Gulf of California, Mexico

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Maria de los Angeles Maldonado-Amparo;Rebeca Sánchez-Cárdenas; Luis Antonio Salcido-Guevara & Jorge Saúl Ramírez-Pérez


he gonadal development assessment is a fundamental work in researching the reproduction of Peprilus medius, on the way to understand its population dynamics and to achieve a sustainable management of its fisheries. The diagnosis based on morphochromatic features is the quicker, more practical and cheaper method, and properly validated, it may be an accurate procedure. This is particularly useful in researches when it is required to provide prompt and accurate information to support decision-making for fisheries management, and during long-term fisheries monitoring to detect changes in reproductive patterns due to environmental anomalies. These are issues of concern in P. medius and other fishery resources. In this context, a scale that describes the gonadal development through morphochromatic and histological features is presented, and plus anatomical observations of the reproductive organs. Ovarian development was characterized through six phases: immature, development (sub-phases: early and late), mature, spawning (sub-phases: partial and partial post-spawning), post-spawning and resting. Testicular development was described through five phases: immature, development, ejaculation, ejaculated and resting. The position and shape of the reproductive organs are apparently defined by the shape of the fish and the visceral cavity. P. medius’s gonads show a gonadal lobe at lower position and an upper lobe in the visceral cavity, and both lobes presented a horizontal placement from gonopore toward the back of the fish. In addition, gonadal deformities occurrence due to deformities in the visceral cavity was evidenced. We recommend to use presented descriptions as a guide in gonadal assessment.

KEY WORDS: Ovaries; Testes; Gametogenesis; Reproductive anatomy.

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MALDONADO-AMPARO, M. A.; SÁNCHEZ-CÁRDENAS, R.; SALCIDO-GUEVARA, L.A. & RAMÍREZ-PÉREZ, J. S. Gonadal development of Peprilus medius (Peters, 1869) (Perciformes: Stromateidae) from southeast of the Gulf of California, Mexico. Int. J. Morphol., 35(1):56-61, 2017.