Quantitative Study on Human Cerebellar Cortex from Anatomy Cadaver Preparations

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Kalanjati, V. P.; Dewi, A. K. & Santoso, M. W. A.


Human cerebellum is important for motor coordination; muscle tones and maintaing the equilibrium of the body. In our region, limited data is available on the normal morphology of human cerebellum, whilst fresh biopsy is quite difficult to obtain. Here adult male cerebellum from cadaver anatomy preparations embalmed with 37 % formalin fixative solution for over a year are studied (n=3). After removal, right cerebellum hemisphere was sliced into cubicle then temporary soaked into 50-60 % of alcohol before being paraffinated. Two parasagittal adjacent slices from each sample were deparaffinated (5 μm) and then stained with hematoxyllin-eosin (HE). Slides were observed under light microscope (Olympus, Japan). Pictures were analysed from 6 field numbers of each, with Optilab and Image Raster 3 software (Indonesia). The density of the Purkinje cells (Neuron purkinjense), the number and density of the Purkinje cells and the thickness of the molecular layer are measured. Data were analysed with the level of significance of p<0.05 (ANOVA, Microsoft Excel 2007). The distance between 2 Purkinje cells is ranged between 82.6-346.6 μm, although no significant differences found (p=0.1). There are no significant differences in the number and in the density of the Purkinje cells amongst samples (p=0.72 and 0.34, respectively); might be due to the similar age, sex and race of these cadavers. However, there is a significant difference in the thickness of the molecular layer (p=0.015). Variations amongst individual cerebelli are observed, with a significant different thickness in the molecular layer. The cellular composition of each cerebellum is unique, arguably correlated to the individual cerebellum activity when alive.

KEY WORDS: Metencephalon; Cerebelar cortex; Measurement; Structure.

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KALANJATI, V. P.; DEWI, A. K. & SANTOSO, M. W. A. Quantitative study on human cerebellar cortex from anatomy cadaver preparations. Int. J. Morphol., 35(1):167-171, 2017.