Expression of tuftelin in human dental germs

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Campos-Navarro, Paloma María; Guerrero-Barrera, Alma Lilian; Avelar-González, Francisco Javier; Navarro-Rincón-Gallardo, María Esther; Mariel-Murga, Humberto; Mariel-Cárdenas, Jairo & Gutiérrez-Cantú, Francisco Javier


The tuftelin is a secreted protein in the adamantine matrix in developing during the enamel formation. Its function continues unclarified, although it plays a role in the biomineralization of the dental organ. With the present studio the location was identified in the different structures of dental germs from human fetuses, according to the results it was observed the expression in the pre-secretor stage being observed in the cytoplasm of ameloblasts, stellate reticulum, dental papilla, also in the intermediate stratum; in the secretor it was mainly identified in the amelodentinal junction and in the outer surface of enamel, observing a marked expression of the protein in the basal portion of the odontoblastic process, but not in the extracellular matrix of the dentine. According to the results obtained it can be considered that its expression occurs in both amelogenesis and odontegenesis in unmineralized tissues.

KEY WORDS: Tuftelin; Immunohistochemistry; Amelogenesis.

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CAMPOS-NAVARRO, P. M.; GUERRERO-BARRERA, A. L.; AVELAR-GONZÁLEZ, F. J.; NAVARRO-RINCÓN-GALLARDO, M. E.; MARIEL-MURGA, H.; MARIEL-CÁRDENAS, J. & GUTIÉRREZ-CANTÚ, F. J. Expression of tuftelin in human dental germs. Int. J. Morphol., 35(1):293-298, 2017.