Beta estrogen receptors distribution in the ovary of ewe lambs.

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Adriana Vasconcellos C.; Marco Paredes H.; Cecilia Aguilar G. & Javiera Navarrete V.


Steroid hormones play an essential role in reproductive physiology, acting in the ovary establishing communication between it and the pituitary gland as well as local paracrine regulators. Described estrogen receptor expression level fetal, neonatal and adult ovaries, which are necessary to determine the cell types that express these receptors. Sheep ovarian stereogenic is active from the fetal stage and therefore steroids play an important role in gonadal development. The regulation of follicle growth is related to several factors on the one hand the secretion of gonadotropins by the pituitary follicular development occurring during late, there was evidence of a direct intra-ovarian estrogen action in the early follicular growth regulation. Our objective was to evaluate the expression and distribution of estrogen receptor b in different cell populations of the ovary of prepubertal sheep.

KEY WORDS: Sheep; Ovary; Estrogen Receptor; Araucana breed.

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VASCONCELLOS, C. A.; PAREDES, H. M.; AGUILAR, G. C. & NAVARRETE, V. J. Beta estrogen receptors distribution in the ovary of ewe lambs. Int. J. Morphol., 33(1):388-392, 2015.