Liver: Seven Hepatic Segments.

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César Augusto Durand López


Intrahepatic structure study in 200 human livers: The Portal, arterial and biliary branches form seven segmental pedicles before entering the corresponding parenchyma. The first four belong, generally to the left lobe and the number V, VI and VII to the right. In 80 % portal branch V is right and 20 % is left, so in 80 % the line dividing both hemi livers ranges from biliary cystic fossa to the left edge of the inferior cava vein; in 20 % said line running from a equidistant point between biliary cystic fossa right margin and the right anterior angle edge of the liver, describes a convex outer curve and reaches the right edge of the inferior cava vein. 70 % of the livers were supplied by the hepatic artery, in 30 % there were anastomosis with accessory hepatic arteries. We observed anastomosis between the left and right hepatic artery in 55 % of cases in the hilum plate and not in the thickness of the parenchyma. Segmental arteries while penetrating their segments, become terminal. Aberrant bile ducts are segmental bile, they have not come together to form the right hepatic duct, draining into the common hepatic or cystic. Biliary common duct segments VI and VII drains into the left hepatic duct in 21 % of cases, no more than 1 cm from the point of formation of the common hepatic. Besides in (left hepatic, intermediate and and right hepatic) upper venous system we observed veins in the caudate lobe in 100 % of cases, and right lower hepatic in 61 % of cases, these had a diameter between 5 and 20 mm, and 5 % with right middle hepatic. At 40 % there is a parenchymal bridge linking segments III and IV. In 25 % we appreciate accessory lobes arising from the underside of the liver. The aim of this study was to provide a simple classification of the hepatic segmentation from a surgical point of view.

KEY WORDS: Hepatic segments; Classification.

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