Estimation of Stature and Age from Head Dimensions in Indian Population

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Rajani Singh


Body segments exhibit consistent ratios with stature, age, gender and race. Thus prediction of stature from cranial remains is vital in establishing the identity of an unknown individual in natural calamities and archaeological exploration where entire body skeleton is not available. Little is known about the cranial dimensions in Indian population. Hence the study was carried out to predict stature, age and sex for solving medico-legal problems, anthropological complexities and archaeological investigations. Undergraduate students in the age group of 17- 26 years of CSM Medical University, UP, India were selected as subjects because of easy access. Cranial dimensions of the subjects were measured by spreading calliper and Todd’ head spanner. Heights of subjects were measured by standing height measuring instrument in similar anatomical position and at fixed time to avoid diurnal variation. The correlation and regression analyses and statistical analyses carried out here is most important to anthropologists and forensic science experts to facilitate them to solve complicated medico-legal problems.

KEY WORDS: Forensic science; Height; Glabella; Inion; Spreading calliper; Head length.

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SINGH, R. Estimation of stature and age from head dimensions in indian population. Int. J. Morphol., 31(4):1185-1190, 2013.