Transversus Menti Muscle in a Thai Cadaver

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Kittisak Sripanidkulchai; Kowit Chaisiwamongkol & Sitthichai Iamsaard


In submental and around the mouth areas, the superfacial muscles are considered in surgery of some deformities of mouth angle. Herein, we report a rare case of the Transversus menti muscle (TM) in a Thai 74 year-old male cadaver. This TM originated from both sides of the oblique line of depressor anguli oris and formed as transverse fibers in submental area. Their fiber ran under the chin and was superficial to platysma muscle. The TM was innervated and supplied by mandibular branches of facial nerve and small branches of the submental artery. This report attempted to discuss the possible function and clinical significance of the TM.

KEY WORDS: Transversus menti muscle (TM); Submental area; Depressor anguli oris muscle; Platysma muscle.

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SRIPANIDKULCHAI K.; CHAISIWAMONGKOL K. & IAMSAARD S. Transversus menti muscle in a Thai cadaver. Int. J. Morphol., 31(4):1399-1400, 2013.