Unilateral double accessory mental foramen. Case Report

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Felipe Martínez; Sergio Olate; Andrés Almeida & Bélgica Vásquez


Mental foramen is a stable and constant structure on the mandible architecture and in rare opportunities are visualized morphological alterations or the presence of accessory foramina. This paper showed the clinical case with a mental foramina and two accessory foramina in a subjects with mandible fracture with 3D image diagnosis; the fracture pattern is post foramina and was choose the clinical therapy for osteosynthesis with low morbidity to the nerve. It's conclude the low frequency of these anatomical conditions and we recommended 3D diagnosis for these clinical conditions.

KEY WORDS: Mental foramen; Anatomical variation; Mandible.

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MARTINEZ, C.; OLATE, S.; ALMEIDA, A.; VÁSQUEZ, B. Unilateral double accessory mental foramen. Case Report. Int. J. Morphol., 31(4):1470-1472, 2013.