Renal Irrigation: Multiplicity of Arteries

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Cruzat, C. & Olave, E.


Generally, the kidney has a one renal artery originating from the abdominal aorta, which is then divided into an anterior and posterior branches, however not uncommon to find more than one emerging from the abdominal aorta or iliac artery some. The increased use of laparoscopic nephrectomy has led to the need for detailed knowledge of renal vascular anatomy. Given the importance of the renal artery variations, we present a multiple irrigation of the kidney, which was observed in an adult man of 54 years old, through multidetector computed tomography with three-dimensional reconstruction. On the right side, there were four renal arteries (RA), with an independent origin from the abdominal aorta, where RA1 and RA4 entering the bottom of the renal sinus and RA3 and RA2 at the superior part of this sinus. On the left, we observed two renal arteries where the most superior (RA1) is the largest size. Cases with more of three arteries are rare, so that the variation presented in this article had anatomical and clinical interest for the presence of four arteries on the right side and two on the left side in an individual.

KEY WORDS: Anatomy; Kidney; Arteries.

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CRUZAT, C. & OLAVE, E. Irrigación renal: Multiplicidad de arterias. Int. J. Morphol., 31(3):911-914, 2013.