Preventing Effect of Vitamin E on Oocytes Apoptosis in Morphine-treated Mice

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Ebrahim Asadi; Ronak Shabani; Soraya Ghafari & Mohammad Jafar Golalipour


Several studies have shown that Morphine Sulfate affects on fertility, embryogenesis and consequent pregnancy loss and ultrastructural alterations of oocytes in animal model. This study was done to determine the effect of morphine sulfate on oocytes apoptosis and preventive role of daily supplementation of Vitamin E on oocytes apoptosis in morphine sulfate -treated mice. Twenty-four NMARI female mice were randomly allocated into four experimental groups. For 15 days, control group received saline (0.2 ml/day by subcutaneous injection), group I Vitamin E (60 mg/kg/day orally), group II Morphine Sulfate (10 mg/kg/day by subcutaneous injection) and group III Morphine Sulfate with Vitamin E (60 mg/kg/day orally). Then, animals were superovulated with PSMG (10 Units) and 10 Unites of HCG. The next day the animals were sacrificed, oocytes were flushed from each fallopian tube. The collected oocytes were subjected to determine apoptosis by Tunnel assay with using Fluorescent Microscope. According to our results, the number of retrieved oocytes were 121, 132, 86 and 114 in control, experimental group I, II and III, respectively. Morphine Sulfate treatment increased apoptosis in oocytes to 17.44% whereas oocytes apoptosis was 4.13% in Controls. Supplementation with Vitamin E in Morphine Sulfate-treated mice reduced the oocytes apoptosis to 7.01%. This study showed that Morphine can increase apoptosis in oocytes and Vitamin E treatment significantly reduces oocytes apoptosis in the Morphine Sulfate -treated mice.

KEY WORDS: Oocytes; Morphine sulfate; Vitamin E; Apoptosis; TUNEL assay; Mice.

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ASADI, E.; SHABANI, R.; GHAFARI, S. & GOLALIPUR, M. J. Preventing effect of vitamin E on oocytes apoptosis in morphine- treated mice. Int. J. Morphol., 31(2):533-538, 2013.