Effect of Preconception Gamma Irradiation on Morphometric Assessment of Adult Female Mice and Embryo

DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.4067/S0717-95022013000200039
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Innocent A. Edagha; Matthew T. Shokunbi; Adeniyi A. Adenipekun; Rosemary B. Bassey & Moses B. Ekong


The aim was to study the effect of preconception gamma irradiation on the gross morphometry of the adult female mice and its embryo. Twenty-seven mice; 18 females and 9 males: subdivided into 3 groups namely (Control, Non-Irradiation and Radiation) containing 6 females and 3 male mice each in 2:1 ratio. A gamma irradiation dose of 1Gy/min was delivered to each batch of mice exposed by a Cobalt 60, Theratron 780c model, by Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) at the Radiotherapy department of the University College Hospital, Ibadan. All the animals were mated 1 week post irradiation. Vaginal plugs were confirmed, and the pregnant females were sacrificed on day 14 of gestation by chloroform inhalation. The gross morphology of the female mice and their harvested litters were assessed and statistically analysed. A total of 113 embryos were harvested in all groups; 54 for Control, 50 for Non- Irradiated and 9 for the irradiation group. The gross morphologic assessments of the fetuses were statistically significant at P value < 0.05 for all the 3 groups compared. These findings suggest that a preconception irradiation affects the morphology of the female mice and its progeny.

KEY WORDS: Preconception; Irradiation; Gamma ray; Spinal cord; Embryo.

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EDAGHA, I. A.; SHOKUNBI, M. T.; ADENIPEKUN, A. A.; BASSEY, R. B. & EKONG, M. B. Effect of preconception gamma irradiation on morphometric assessment of adult female mice and embryo. Int. J. Morphol., 31(2):594-599, 2013.