Morphological Study of Cutaneous Ligaments of Phalanges

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Anjali Sabnis


The cutaneous ligaments of phalanges of palm and foot are fine and sender fibrous strips running from tendon sheath to flexor and extensor aspect of skin over phalanges. They are playing important role in stabilizing skin during movements and supporting digital neurovascular bundle. Such ligaments have carried lot of surgical value in microsurgery of hand. The morphology of such ligaments is studied in 80 digits of 8 cadavers of 20-80 years (6 males and 2 females). They are studied in detail in terms of attachments, thickness & length. The morphological data will be helpful in surgical implication of Duputren’s Contracture, replantation, revascularization of the digit.

KEY WORDS: Cutaneous ligaments; Cleland’s ligament; Grayson’s ligaments; Duputren’s contracture.

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SABNIS, A. Morphological study of cutaneous ligaments of phalanges. Int. J. Morphol., 31(2):606-608, 2013.