Vertical Dimension on Edentulous Patient: Relationship with Symptoms Reported

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Ramirez, L. M., Echeverría, P.; Zea, F. J. & Ballesteros, L. E.


Vertical dimension is an approximate measure of the physiological inter-maxillary relations. Its register is a sensitive and methodical process with craniofacial side effects when wrongly achieved. Single concepts for vertical dimension register should be changed and understood in a collective manner. The complexity of the masticatory dynamics requires a broader view of this notion. The correspondence between the vertical dimension and the functional-dysfunctional cranio-cervical relations is undeniable and goes beyond an exclusively dental relation. This review seeks to place the reader in a stomatognathic functional perspective, which requires greater efforts of the prosthodontics operator. Normal functioning of the stomatognathic system and surrounding structures in the edentulous patient depends on the conceptualization about the importance of vertical inter-maxillary relations

KEY WORDS: Vertical dimension; Referred symptoms; Otic symptoms; Headache; Splint; Miotatic mechanisms; Craneo- cervical relations.

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RAMÍREZ, L. M.; ECHEVERRÍA, P.; ZEA, F. J. & BALLESTEROS, L. E. Vertical dimension on edentulous patient: relationship with symptoms reported. Int. J. Morphol., 31(2):672-680, 2013.