Biometrical Analyses of a Sicilian Green Toad, Bufo siculus (Stöck et al. 2008), Population Living in Sicily (Italy)

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Mario Lo Valvo & Gabriele Giacalone


Morphometry structure of Sicilian green toad from the Nature Reserve “Monte Pellegrino” (north-western Sicily) was studied. A total of 666 individuals (354 males and 312 females) were captured in 2003 during reproduction period. Meaningful differences have statistically emerged among the two sexes and the body weight is the best parameter (up to 92% correct classification), followed by the length of the body (up to 90% correct classification). The simultaneous use of all the examined characters only increases of 1% the probability for correct discrimination of the sex. In comparison to the dimension of other green toad populations studied by other authors, the body size of this sicilian population results elevated, similar to that of Corsica and of Sardinia. It is possible that the high dimension of the Sicilian population is the result of low competition with other amphibians species and/or to the absence of a winter latency.

KEY WORDS: Bufo siculus; Biometrical analysis; Sicily.

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LO VALVO, M. & GIACALONE, G. Biometrical analyses of a Sicilian green toad, Bufo siculus (Stöck et al. 2008), population living in Sicily (Italy). Int. J. Morphol., 31(2):681-686, 2013.