The Latency of the Female's Cephalofacial Variables

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Agron M. Rexhepi & Behlul Brestovci


The human craniofacial bones are certainly the most important part of the body, as well as the foundation for the soft tissues of the face and head. This part of the body is extremely complex structure, which has a number of important functions, such are: diet, special senses, protection, communication. The main purpose of this research was to study and explain the latent structure of the cephalofacial measurements of female subjects. On 193 female subjects aged 18-35 years, we measured 11 cephalofacial measurements. The collected data are analyzed through descriptive parameters, Correlation analysis, and Factorial analyses. According to the results of the basic parameters the measured subjects are characterized with long, large and medium height head. Correlation analysis confirms some sets of variables that realize the higher correlations with each other. According to the principal component analysis of the Factor Analysis, with the rotation method direct oblimin, and using the Keiser criterion have been extracted four latent factors that explain 66.39 % of the total variance: The cranial factor; The factor of intracranial capacity; The transversal factor of the face; The longitudinal factor of the face. The composition of the extracted factors is compatible with the anthropological explanation of the anthropologists regarding the development of these tissues of the head.

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REXHEPI, A. M. & BRESTOVCI, B. The latency of the female's cephalofacial variables. Int. J. Morphol., 31(2):765-770, 2013