Two Unreported Cartilagines Sesamoidea in the Elbow of the Dog

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Julio Gil G. & Ricardo Olivares P-M


Two unreported sesamoid cartilages were found inside tendon of insertion of both muscle biceps brachii and muscle brachialis in the dog. This find adds remarkable facts envolving Anatomy, Comparative Anatomy and Clinic and Biomechanics of the elbow joint in the dog. Statistics also emphasize the importance of traumatological incidences on elbow joint in veterinary.

KEY WORDS: Sesamoid; M. biceps brachii; M. Brachialis; Elbow; Joint.

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GIL, J. & OLIVARES, R. Two unreported cartilagines sesamoidea in the elbow of the dog. Int. J. Morphol., 34(2):451-453, 2016.