Teres Minor Innervation and Injection Site

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Je-Hun Lee; SongHeun Lee; Anna Jeon & Seung-Ho Han


The aim of this study was to elucidate the injection point on the teres minor (TM) for effective injection. Thirty- two specimens from 16 adult Korean cadavers (10 males and 6 females, age ranging from 42 to 102 years) were used in the study. The reference line between the inferior point on the inferior angle of the scapula (IA) and the most prominent point on the acromial angle of the scapula (AA) on the surface were identified. The measurements expressed the two above-mentioned parameters as X and Y coordinates in relation to the reference line. The X coordinate was located at 128.1±10.4 mm (78.1±5.7 %) and the Y coordinate was located at 25.3±7.6 mm (15.5±4.8 %). The recommended site according to this can be used for injections in patients with TM stiffness.

KEY WORDS: Teres minor; Nerve branch; Botulinum toxin; injection

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LEE, J. H.; LEE, S.; JEON, A. & HAN, S. H. Teres minor innervation and injection site. Int. J. Morphol., 34(2):593-596, 2016.