Microsurgical Anatomy and Arterial Irrigation of the Uncal Region

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Rafael Avendaño Pradel; J. Jesus Martínez Anda; Mariano Torres Villanueva; Carlos Castillo Rangel; Carolina Escobar Briones; Diego Pineda Martínez & Sebastián Manuel Arteaga Martínez



The objective of this work was realizing a microsurgical review of the main arterial ramus that distribute irrigation to the uncal region, identifying the most common variations and more relevant relationships with surrounding structures. Twenty (20) fixed human brain hemispheres were studied, with the arterial latex and red colorant perfusion technique for dissection under microscope magnification (3X-40X). Morphometric characterization and data were obtained of the structures studied. Arterial irrigation of the uncal region of the temporal lobe is established by three groups of uncal ramus: the anterior uncal rami, deriving from the temporopolar artery, which is one of the first branches of the middle cerebral artery in segment M1. The medial uncal rami, branches of the cisternal portion of the anterior choroidal artery. The posterior uncal rami, branches of the P2A and P2P segments of the posterior cerebral artery. The relevance of arterial vascular description of the uncus, results in the application of knowledge of the variations and relationships during the diagnostic and surgical procedures of the temporal lobe.

KEY WORDS: Uncal ramus; Uncal artery; Hippocampal artery; Anterior choroidal artery.

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AVENDAÑO, P. R.; MARTÍNEZ, A. J. J.; TORRES, V. M.; CAS- TILLO, R. C.; ESCOBAR, B. C.; PINEDA, M. D. & ARTEAGA, M. S. M. Microsurgical anatomy and arterial irrigation of the uncal region. Int. J. Morphol., 34(2):784-787, 2016.