Morphologic and Morphometric Analysis of the Ovary of Black Bengal Goat (Capra hircus)

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Ziaul Haque; Azimul Haque & Md. Abul Quasem


SUMMARY: Ovary plays the vital role in the reproductive biology and biotechnology of female animals. With the aim to study the ovarian morphometry of Black Bengal goat, both right and left ovaries were collected from the slaughter houses of different Thanas under Mymensingh district. For each of the specimens, gross parameters such as weight, length and width were recorded. Then they were processed and stained with H & E for histomorphometry. Our study revealed that the right ovary (0.53±0.02 g) was heavier than the left (0.52±0.02 g). The length of the right ovary (1.26±0.04 cm) was lower than the left (1.28±0.02 cm) but the width of the right (0.94±0.02 cm) was greater than the left (0.90±0.03 cm). The diameter of ovarian follicles in the cortex was measured as primordial 39.6±6.61 μm, primary single layer 54.0±4.06 μm, primary multi layer 147.6±11.04 μm, secondary with C-shaped antrum 449.5±75.71 μm and tertiary follicle of ovary 1.3±0.20 mm. In the graffian follicle, the thickness of granulosa cell layer was 79.2±11.04 μm, theca interna 75.76±6.82 μm, theca externa 130.07±12.53 μm and the oocyte diameter was 109.8±5.75 μm. These results will be helpful to manipulate ovarian functions in small ruminants.

KEY WORDS: Morphometry; Ovarian follicles; Cortex; Medulla; Oocyte.

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HAQUE, Z.; HAQUE, A. & QUASEM, M. A. Morphologic and morphometric analysis of the ovary of black Bengal goat (Capra hircus). Int. J. Morphol., 34(1):13-16, 2016.