New and Probable Ultrastructural Criteria for Identification of Cytoplasmic Sol – Gel States

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Wiphawi Hipkaeo & Hisatake Kondo


SUMMARY: In embedment-free transmission electron microscopy without employing epoxy embedding media, the cytoplasmic matrix, in which cell organelles and elements including the cytoskeletons are held in place, lattices of strands are clearly and constantly disclosed in every cell. Their compactness is variable in different kinds of cells and in different domains of one and the same cell, and it is changeable under hypo- or hyper-osmolarity. In addition, the appearance of strand-lattices is duplicable in artificial proteins at different sol/gel states and concentrations. All taken together, a new and probable ultrastructural criteria has been proposed for identification of cytoplasmic sol/gel states with a hope that the dynamic properties of the cell is understood not only by the cytoskeleton but also by the sol/gel states of cytosolic proteins and their concentration in distinct association with cellular ultrastructural entities.

KEY WORDS: Sol and gel; Cytoplasm; Embedment-free; Ultrastructure.

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HIPKAEO, W. & KONDO, H. New and probable ultrastructural criteria for identification of cytoplasmic sol- and gel-states. Int. J. Morphol., 34(1):212-217, 2016.