Tissue Response in Treated Defects with Bovine or Human Bone Matrix

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R. Rodriguez; S. Olate; L. Pozzer*; M. Cantín & J. R. Albergaria-Barbosa


SUMMARY: The aim of this research was to compare the tissue response in treated defects with bone matrix with bovine or human origin. Was realized a descriptive study with 12 rabbits where was executed two defects in the skull in relation to conventional techniques. Randomized defects were used to put bone matrix with bovine or human origin; histological exam was realized in the week number 7 and 15 with 6 animals each. At 7 weeks was observed a limited inflammatory infiltrate with clear differences between the peripheral bone and the filled bone and in the 15 weeks of analysis was observed the presence of some particulate of the bone graft beside a new bone into the defect; was not observed any differences in the sequence of repair or delayed in the bovine or human material. It ́s concluded that both materials are useful in bone regeneration for this experimental model.

KEY WORDS: Bone graft; Biomaterial; Bovine bone; Human bone.

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RODRIGUEZ, R.; OLATE, S.; POZZER, L.; CANTIN, M.; ALBERGARIA-BARBOSA, J. R. Tissue response in treated defects with bovine or human bone matriz. Int. J. Morphol., 34(1):351-355, 2016.