Vascular Variations in Urinary Tract and Abdominal Cavity. Case Report

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Ballesteros, L. E.; Estupiñan, H. Y. & Ballesteros, D. R.


SUMMARY: Here we present a rare case of multiple abdomi- nal cavity variations in a 50-year-old male cadaveric specimen of the anatomy laboratory of the Universidad Industrial de Santander (Bucaramanga, Colombia). The anatomical dissection revealed arterial variations (right additional renal artery and origin of the right hepatic branch from the superior mesenteric artery), venous (right additional renal vein) and urinary tract (duplicated ureter on the right side). These multiple anatomic variations in addition to raising academic interest, should be considered and described correctly by clinicians while performing surgical, radiological and imaging procedures in the abdo- minal cavity.

KEY WORDS: Right renal artery; Right renal vein, Right branch of hepatic artery; Ureter bifida.

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BALLESTEROS, L. E.; ESTUPIÑAN, H. Y. & BALLESTEROS, D. R. Vascular variations in urinary tract and abdominal cavity. Case report. Int. J. Morphol., 34(1):404-409, 2016.