A Different Origin of the Right Gastro-omental Artery

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Aldo Okamura; Daniela Alvarez; Paula Genovez; Eduardo José Caldeira; Marcelo Rodrigues da Cunha; Cesar Alexandre Fabrega Carvalho


The gastro-omental artery is one of the branches of the common hepatic artery. Alterations in the embryonic development of the ventral splanchnic arteries can cause marked variations. A rare variant of the right gastro-omental artery was observed during dissection of a 50-year-old male cadaver. The occurrence of this variant has not been reported in the specialized literature. This case of a different origin of the gastro-omental artery is described in detail in order to provide information that may contribute to upper abdominal surgeries.

KEY WORDS: Right gastro-omental artery; Anatomical variations; Abdominal surgeries.

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OKAMURA, A.; ALVAREZ, D.; GENOVEZ, P.; CALDEIRA, E. J.; DA CUNHA, M. R. & CARVALHO, C. A. F. A different origin of the right gastro-omental artery. Int. J. Morphol., 33(4):1343-1347, 2015.