Anatomical Snuffbox and it Clinical Significance. A Literature Review

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Aladino Cerda & Mariano del Sol


The anatomical snuffbox is a small triangular area situated in the radial part of the wrist, often used to perform clinical and surgical procedures. Despite the frequency with which this area is used, there is scarce information in literature about its details. The objective of this study is detailed knowledge of the anatomical snuffbox's anatomy and its components, the reported alterations at this portion, besides the clinical uses and significance of this area.

KEY WORDS: Hand; Wrist; Anatomical Snuffbox; Radial artery; Cephalic vein; Superficial branch of radial nerve; Scaphoid.

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CERDA, A & DEL SOL, M. Anatomical snuffbox and it clinical significance. A literature review. Int. J. Morphol., 33(4):1355-1360, 2015.