Reflected Ligament: Anatomical and Surgical Considerations

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Rubén Daniel Algieri; Eduardo Pro; María Soledad Ferrante; Juan Sebastián Ugartemendía & Maria de las Mercedes Bernadou


Anatomy of the inguinal region is well described in literature, but there is lack of information related to the reflected ligament and a dichotomy regarding its medial insertion. The aim was to carry out an observational analysis, through dissections, of the insertion of the reflected ligament of the external oblique muscle at the linea alba. We used 30 formolized corpses were, on which the reflected ligament was dissected to its insertion into the linea alba. Of the 30 bodies, we found the reflected ligament in 25 (83.33%), being 16 male (64%) and 9 females (36%), but only in 2 of them (8%) its insertion interdigitated with the contralateral. In 5 (16.67%) cases, 3 female (60%) and 2 male (40%), the absence of that ligament was found. The reflected ligament was identified in most of our specimens. Being part of the posterior limit of the superficial inguinal ring, its anatomical knowledge is important for the surgical repair of inguinal hernias with prosthetic placement, using anterior access.

KEY WORDS: Reflected ligament; Inguinal region; External oblique muscle; Línea alba.

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ALGIERI, R. D.; PRO, E.; FERRANTE, M. S.; UGARTEMENDÍA, J. S. & BERNADOU, M. M. Reflected ligament: Anatomical and surgical considerations. Int. J. Morphol., 33(4):1361-1364, 2015.